Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard that it is bad luck to wear opal if it is not your birthstone. Is this true?

No. This myth was started when Queen Victoria fell in love with the beauty of opal and wanted it all for herself. Because it was her birthstone, she spread stories that if others wore opal and it was not their birthstone, they would experience bad luck. Fortunately today, millions of people wear opal and enjoy its unique fire and beauty, and we are no longer limited by this myth.

Do you offer repair service on jewelry that was not purchased in your store?

Yes. Zia has an expert jeweler on the premises to help you with all your jewelry repair and service needs. With 30+ years experience, we do many unusual and difficult repairs that other jewelers are unable to do.

Can you quote repair costs over the phone?

No. We are unable to tell you the cost of a repair until we actually see it. Each repair is unique, and they need to be examined carefully in order for us to recommend exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

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